Safety and Security

Safety and Security Storage

At Lock Up Storage,

We like to think of ourselves as a bank for your most trusted possessions

 You deposit your goods, and we look after them, allowing you to withdraw and deposit whenever you want. And so with that thought in mind, we always aim to create the safest and most secure facilities, without hindering your ease of access.

Just some of the security measures in place at our storage facilities:

  • Security Guards (coz you just can’t replace a real human)
  • Electric fence
  • Closed Circuit Cameras
  • Alarm systems linked to armed response
  • Pepper Spray alarms (Coz there is no response time like that)
  • Guard dogs at night
  • Automatic gate with access control linked to our systems
  • Fire hydrants
  • And of course, only you have the key to your Self Storage Unit

For Self Storage, please feel free to visit us at one of our locations, get a free quote or give us a call on 031 701 0481

Lock Up Storage is the largest owner operated Self Storage company in KZN. We live, eat and breathe Self Storage and are constantly looking for ways to make Self Storage in KZN Easy, convenient and more affordable. Unlike most other Self Storage facilities in KZN, you can chat to the owner James (082 926 1175) about any concerns you may have. We are locally owned, for local people. Lock Up Storage also promotes and supports local businesses, with many of our storage units having electricity for small businesses. Our location at 30 Surprise Rd even supports a business centre with 30 offices, boardroom and business support services. Whether you are looking for short term storage because you are moving house, or long term storage for your small business, Lock Up Storage is the place.


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