The Advantages Of Using Self-Storage Durban Units For Business And Home Owners


There are countless reasons why many homeowners and business people prefer to use self-storage facilities in Durban. Here are some of the primary benefits of taking advantage of your own self-storage unit in Pinetown, Durban:


Self-storage facilities help to reduce clutter by storing items that are no longer in use in both homes and offices and create space for items that are used more frequently. Valuables and old items such as clothing, small appliances, and office furniture can be safely stored in self-storage units until they are needed again.


Unlike homes and offices, hiring a storage unit from Lockup Storage offers a lot more security for all your stored items. The units are secured by using 24-hour camera surveillance and guarded security.  For this reason, it makes sense to store any items of value in a secured storage unit as opposed to in a shed or garage.


Many people prefer not to sell or throw away certain items in their homes or businesses but rather keep it for use at a later stage or to be given away to children or other family members. These people can benefit from secure self-storage facilities as it provides a  safe way to store as many items as they like, creating more space in an office or home.


Using a storage unit allows you to adapt to the changes in your life as your needs shrink or grow.


It costs less to rent a month-to-month storage unit to store your valuables in comparison to renting an extra room or office. Lockup Storage provides free removal to their self-storage facility. The professional in-house removal team will collect the items you plan to store up to 40km from Pinetown to your storage unit for free.

Lockup Storage offers you peace of mind that your valuables will be safely stored and protected until you need them again.

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