What Can You Store In Your Storage Unit In Durban?


The decision to hire storage space in Pinetown or New Germany is a great move for individuals that are looking to store seasonable items, prepare for a move, or to minimise clutter. Self-storage garages for rent save you both space and time.

When deciding to reserve a storage unit with free removals Durban, customers often need to know what type of items cannot or can be placed into storage. Here is an overview of what you can and cannot store in a storage unit.


Items That You Can Store



From fishing rods to Christmas decorations, there are lots of items that you may only need at certain times of the year. Boxes of summer or winter clothes, camping gear, sporting equipment, and anything else similar are the perfect items to pack into a secure storage unit. Storing away seasonal items often means less clutter and less stress.


Many household goods can be stored in a month-to-month storage unit. Linen, kitchen items, office supplies, clothes, toys, books, and furniture can be stored easily in a self-storage space. Storing such items before you move allows you to move at your own pace, allowing you to unpack at your leisure.


Storage rentals also make moving office a lot less stressful. Office supplies, furniture, decor, and equipment are also the ideal items to pack away until you need them again.


Many electronics are accepted for a storage rental. This includes stereo systems, digital devices, TVs, DVD players, and computer equipment. Customers rely on the security at Lock Up Storage for these items of value.

Appliances are also acceptable items for storage. These common items include freezers, washing machines, microwaves, stoves, and refrigerators.


Items That You Cannot Store



This includes any item that can explode or catch fire. Grease, petrol, gas, cleaners, explosives, fireworks, and paint fall into this category. This group of items applies to anything hazardous or toxic.


Ammunition and firearms are not permitted in most storage rentals.


At Lock Up Storage, our helpful and friendly team are here to answer any questions you may have about what you plan to store. We provide Durban removals for free up to 40km from Pinetown.

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